Monitoring your kids

Slashdot brings out the disturbing study in the post titled Rethinking IM Privacy For Kids:

As many as 94 percent of parents polled this summer by the research firm Harris Interactive said they’ve turned to Web content filters, monitoring software, or advice from an adult friend to keep electronic tabs on their children.

I knew there were a lot of Really Scared People ™ out there, but 94%!!?

4 thoughts on “Monitoring your kids”

  1. No wonder! It is easier to forbid than to explain. I hate any censorship.A child has a right to chose if he or she big enough to use a computer.

  2. The strange thing is that censorship doesn’t work. In this age of information, it is almost impossible to hide it. Those who succeed in it, spend a lot of effort… and still, there are holes. :)

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