Lemesia 2005

There are plenty of posters around the town notifying that Lemesia 2005 is approaching. Lemesia 2005 is supposed to be one of the biggest sporting events of the year. It is organized by the Municipality of Limassol and is sponsored by a number of commercial entities.

I would really like to attend this event this year. Especially since I missed it entirely last time. But I have the same problem – the lack of information. Last year the Municipality of Limassol at least had something at their website. This year there is nothing.

If you have any information about the event – dates, locations, prices, contact phone numbers – please let me know. And I’ll share pictures in return.

4 thoughts on “Lemesia 2005”

  1. А позвонить, типа, спросить, кады-чаво – слабо?
    Рудик(мой тренер и родственник) – там судья.

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