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Few days ago I’ve mentioned that a new DVD club was about to open right next door to my home. Well, they did indeed opened there doors and I finally managed to get in (not that it is too crowded, we just had different operating hours).

These guys are still finishing bits and pieces here and there, but they surely have a number of DVDs for rent. I didn’t have a lot of time to scan through, but I’ve noticed that they have both new (the ones which just passed in the cinema or are about to be shown) and old (the ones everyone have seen multiple times) films, shelves are sorted by genre (comedy, horror, action, animation, etc). They are still putting barcodes on the boxes. They do rent and sell DVDs. I haven’t checked the selling prices, but renting is 1.50 CYP per DVD, which you can have for three days, except for the new hot movies, which are 24 hours only. This is pretty much a standard set of conditions around here.

I’ve talked with these guys a bit and they said that their website is almost finished (by the end of the week it should be up) and that it will have an online catalog together with booking and ordering facilities. This beats the crap out of the DVD club I use now for renting films, so I will surely be changing it.

Another nice touch is that DVD boxes that you take home all have contact information with full address, phone, fax, and mobile (!) numbers, and an email address. It also has a URL written on it. By the way, their website will be at Currently, there is a flash intro which says that the site is coming soon. But stay tuned.

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