PrimeTel’s PrimeHome Triple Play

Today I became a happy owner of PrimeTel PrimeHome installation, also known as Triple Play. Triple Play is this new way of bundling together loads of television channels, ADSL Internet connection, and really cheap telephony. It’s said to cost only 25 CYP month, but I got lucky and received a promotion offer of free installation and 3 month of service free of charge as well.

I didn’t have any time to play with it just yet, but it looks quite good. Here are the things that I’ve noticed during my short experience:

  • Television has an electronic TV guide with a time schedule for all programs for all channels. This is very handy.
  • Internet connection was way to easy to install. Just plugged the Ethernet cable straight into my laptop and I was done.
  • Sound quality in the telephone is a bit less than CYTA’s. There is some minor background noise all the time. But it’s not as bad as it can sound.
  • Switching channels on TV is a lot slower than before. This will need some getting used to. But it’s a fair trade for not having to configure any of the channels, crispy clear quality of image and sound, TV guide, and the selection of channels.

I’ll probably post more about it later, when I’d played more with it, but don’t hold your breath on that one.

P.S.: I might be somewhat biased being an employee of PrimeTel Ltd., and having received the package free of charge (installation + 3 month). Take my words with a grain of salt. And pepper.

16 thoughts on “PrimeTel’s PrimeHome Triple Play”

  1. Lucky you..I checked for that service in my area (Nicosia) only to hear from a extremely polite sales rep that they couldn’t provide TV yet. Still Im very intrigued.

    I’d love to hear more about your experience with the service since I’m planning to get it as soon as they extend full service to my area.

    How is their internet service?

  2. Hi Peter,

    You’d be laughing at me, but I didn’t have time to try it out yet. :)

    My wife and son are both very pleased with the TV, but I’ve watched it for less than 10 minutes. The quality is crystal clear – something I haven’t seen with analogue before.

    And regarding the Internet connection – I haven’t tried it either. Still. Since I have an alternative connection I wasn’t in much hurry. And I’ll need to make some rewiring of my home LAN and I’m waiting for some equipment to do that.

    I’ll definetely post about my experience a bit later, when I’d have some. :)

  3. I have been reading some posts over on about the quality of the TV channel stability/speed of changing channels etc…

    Personally, I will be disconnecting my noVision subscription this month and will wait to hear good things about PrimeTel’s stuff before I commit to a mandatory 12 month contract.

    The way I *currently* see it, dish is the way to go for channels. I am therefore also interested to hear what the internet conection is like.

  4. Hi Christos,

    I am using the base PrimeHome package with 300 Kbps. It works OK if you ask me. I’m getting 300 Kbps all the time, or often enough for me not to notice any slowdowns.

    I’m checking my speeds against London server using . I’m running the test a few times a week, and I’m always getting something around 300 Kbps.

  5. I pay to cytanet for 1mbit connection for 3 years now and i didnt take more than 900 kbps!! so primehome gives internet conection via fiber optics and that is an advantage to have more speed . isnt it ?

  6. Christos,

    well, there are many parameters that can affect your connection speed. International connectivity via fiber is one of them.

    But, as far as I know, Cytanet also has international fiber connectivity…

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