Kite Aerial Photography

Kite Aerial Photography website covers an interesting topic of having a photocamera attached to some flying object, such as a kite or model airplane. Scott Haefner covers all corners from camera mounting and remote control to transmitters and suspension. There are also albums full of aerial pictures and links to other resources (articles and news).

Interestingly, kites and model airplanes can provide a cheaper alternative for those photographers who love “view from above”. If altitudes, distances, or vibration are not satisfactory for actual photography, this approach can be used for intelligence service. Real photosession will come cheaper, faster, and, what is more important, better prepared than.

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  1. Reminded me of a website I came across a while ago – not sure if you’ve see it. Some guy on holiday does KAP in Paphos (several pictures of the Archaeological Park):….
    BTW, the last time I tried to make a pretty link, it didn’t work – is there some secret?

  2. [2] but what if i wanted to hyperlink ‘KAP in Paphos’ and not show the url of the thing? The last time, I think i tried to enclose the text in anchor tags like normal but it didn’t work – the url still showed. Not that that’s a bad thing…

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