Moving the statue with the help of Google Earth

Official Google Blog has this post titled How to move Ramses II:

Turns out some smart engineers work for the transportation contractor: they used Google Earth to plan the route, made the decision to move the 3200 year-old statue — and will do so this Friday, August 25, 2006. Walkways, cables, fences and road dividers are being brought down to make way! Trials and tests have been done to ensure the roads can handle the load, and now Ramses II will embark on what is most probably his last journey.

This is a good chance to learn something about Egyptian history and culture too. Here’s a quote from Wikipedia page about Ramses II:

It is said that there are more statues of him in existence than of any other Egyptian pharaoh, not surprising as he was the second-longest-reigning Pharaoh by many years (second to Pepi II).

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