Are Personal Blogs too Personal?

Davig brings up an interesting discussion in his post Are Personal Blogs too Personal?. There are as many opinions on this as there are people in the blogosphere. And maybe even more, as some people change their opinions once in a while.

Why does the whole world need to know he activities and tasks that I take on?

My current thoughts on this issue go along the lines of – it’s not the activities and tasks that matter, but person’s attitudes towards them. In other words, of course, I don’t care one bit about someone going to a club last Friday and getting drunk into oblivion. It’s not what I am looking for in that post. What I am interested in are person’s feelings and thoughts on the subject. Those help me see the world via other people’s eyes. I start noticing things that I’ve never noticed before. I think more. I share my thoughts and feelings. And hopefully, it does good somewhere else. And that’s the beauty of the blogosphere. Not the activities or tasks that people take on.

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