Big cities suck

I live in a small city of a small country.  And I love it here.  One of the big benefits that a lot of people get really used to is that everything is 10 minutes away.  It would take you only about 20 minutes to get from one side of the city to another.  Most of the people I know who live in big cities have to drive back and forth for hours every day.  Those of them lucky enough to live next to the place they work usually pay a lot of money to have it that way.

Why am I suddenly thinking of how bad big cities are? Because I just watched this YouTube video.


I understand that the guy chose the place himself and since he is young and alone it probably makes sense.  And I do understand that the video is more about living in tight spaces.  But I still keep thinking of how big cities screw people’s minds.  Not only it’s OK for someone in the modern age and developed country to live in a 78 square foot room (7 square meters), but also to pay $800 USD per month for it!  That’s just wrong.  Even if a lot of people are doing it and even if one gets used to it quickly, it still doesn’t make it right.


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  1. This topic can lead to a very long discussion. The video you posted shows a very extreme case. First of all we all have to realize that flats in Cyprus are huge compared to most other places. I saw “big” flats in Romania, Poland, Canada and France and all of them we way smaller that the place I live in here. I also love having a lot of space for my stuff and love living a big flat, driving only few minutes to work and not being stuck in traffic for too long. On the other hand it, it sucks doing the same things over and over again as the island is small and you run out of options quite fast. Would be nice to have all the events you get on the continent: concerts, sporting events and wide choice of activities… I hate seeing some bimboes nobody gives a #%@ in Romania coming in a club here and being presented as “big international stars” :) And I could probably continue with pros/cons for living here. In the end I guess it depends on what keeps us here and having a proper balance life/work

    1. Definitely there are pros and cons for small places like Limassol and “continental” cities. Sometimes I feel strongly one way, sometimes the other. For me it’s all up to the mood. :)

      And regardless of the topic, a long discussion won’t be started on this blog. You are one of the three or four people who comment here regularly. Including myself. :)

  2. Let’s not forget how bad the people are in large cities, such as New York, Detroit, and Los Angeles. In my personal experience, most of them are incredibly rude people who don’t care about anyone else other than themselves.

    You should see the big city people behind the wheel. That’s terrible. It’s as if they don’t care they’re being reckless, speeding at least 15 over the speed limit, weaving in and out of traffic, and tailgating anyone who is in their way. Hell, people in Boulder do the same thing, except they’re nicer people.

    It seems that big city people have some type of schizophrenia, behaving like everyone out there is coming to kill them, and they treat each other really badly. I have a psychopath neighbor from Detroit who is a complete psycho. He parks in front of our house when he lives in a different lot than we do. We recently ought a new car for my little brother so he can get around, and we park my car and his car in front of our house. We found out just how psycho he is because he said “those bastards bought a car just so they could keep me from parking there, those f*cks!”. He lives in a completely different lot than us, and his driveway and garage are always empty! There’s no logical reason for that fat big-city guy to park in front of our house! Why do big-city people seem like complete psychos?!

    Conclusion: I hate city people. I come from a small city. Thank God for that!

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