Kiko is on sale

Kiko is one of those web-based calendars that were released recently in whole bunches. It features all the modern technologies one could think of – RSS feeds, AJAX interface, Email/SMS/IM reminders, and more. I myself haven’t tried it thought. I’ve been playing with AirSet and 30boxes, and found my peace with Google Calendar. But I’ve heard some good words about Kiko too.

It turned out thought that it didn’t work out as a commercial idea. The development got a bit sidetracked and slowed down, and then it had to compete with Google Calendar, which additionally to being a monster of its own, has an integration with Google’s other service – GMail.

So, Kiko is up for sale – here’s an Ebay auction. Here are the lessons that one of the project leaders, Justin Kan, has learned with the project. And here are the thoughts of project’s investor, Paul Graham of Y Combinator fame.

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