Backpack – more than just a TODO list

I am trying out a new webservice these couple of days – Backpack. Backpack is a nice tool for information management. It provides a nice and easy interface to create and link web pages. On the web page one can have some text, lists (complete with checkboxes), notes, images, and other attachments. Everything is nicely integrated and really really really easy to use.

One of the ways to use Bakpack is to manage a TODO list. But that would be one of the simpliests tasks. Much more can be accomplished as easily. If it sounds interesting, take a short tour of the functionality and looks, and, also, check the examples of what it can be used for.

I found the took quite handy, although I wish they provided a bit more free of charge (don’t we all?). I also don’t have any problem spending money on online services (and I do spend), but Backpack’s pricing schemes seem to be a bit expensive from $5 USD to $14 USD per month. Maybe I think so because I haven’t tried much of the calendaring, emailing, and reminder functionality.

Still, the service looks interesting and certainly has its audience.

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