Matt Mullenweg – State of the Word 2012

If you are involved with any kind of software development, this video is a must see.  Matt Mullenweg of Automattic fame speaks about the state of WordPress – community, releases, user interfaces, problems and solutions, etc.  One of the coolest things about Matt is his attitude towards the end users.  He seems to appreciate that they are just regular people, with their own needs and problems, and that they all don’t have to be geeks to use a piece of software.  Even in this video, he repeatedly points out that it’s not the user’s fault that something is difficult to use, but the developer’s.  More so, the developer is the one who can actually fix the problem.  That’s the kind of attitude that I am trying to teach myself in the last few years.  I’ve made progress, but, sadly, I am still way too far.

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