On Google and Microsoft

I can easily live (and work) through a day without touching anything of Microsoft. In fact, I do so for a few years now. But there’s no way I can say the same about Google. It all started with a better search engine (I used to use Yahoo and Altavista back in the days). Then it grew to some ads for my website, my email, my calendaring, log analysis for my websites, chat, and so on and so forth.

And something tells me that I am not alone.

Daily del.icio.us bookmarks

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Dilbert needs your help

It’s not the first time that Scott Adams asks for helps with his Dilbert comics, but today’s plea really put the comments area on fire.

I need a punchline for the Dilbert comic I’m working on. I’m trying to think of the worst/funniest thing that you could be accused of doing in the office.

Go read those comments. If there’s something funny missing, put it on, and maybe you’ll even end up with a memorable Dilbert episode on your wall.

Yahoo! HR interview with a few tips

Guy Kawasaki interviews Libby Sartain, who “is responsible for leading Yahoo! Inc.’s global human resources efforts and managing and developing the human resources team”. The interview provides a few insights on how to get into Yahoo!, as well as explains why interviews at everyone-wants-to-work-for companies are so hard sometimes:

For the last few years, we have received more than 120,000 resumes a year. So, we start with about 50/1 ratio, but when we narrow that down to actual qualified candidates, we see about ten for every job.

Also, here are a few hints on how to improve your resume.

Geotagging with Flickr

Flickr has integrated geotagging. Now you can tag your photos with locations you shot them at, and everyone can browse through places, checking out the views and events. Geotagging is a hot topic these days, and Flickr diving right in is definitely a good idea. If nothing else, it’ll provide for yet another boost for GPS and other navigation technologies. I’m all for it.

Flickr’s great for exploring photos by photographer, tag, time, text and group, and now it’s also great for exploring photos by place.

Via FlickrBlog.