On Google and Microsoft

I can easily live (and work) through a day without touching anything of Microsoft. In fact, I do so for a few years now. But there’s no way I can say the same about Google. It all started with a better search engine (I used to use Yahoo and Altavista back in the days). Then it grew to some ads for my website, my email, my calendaring, log analysis for my websites, chat, and so on and so forth.

And something tells me that I am not alone.

5 thoughts on “On Google and Microsoft”

  1. I wish I could say the same about MS. Unfortunately I work on a Windows machine. What I can say though is that for my home needs hardly use MS Products, actually the only one I have is Office for Mac.

    Long live google…

  2. There is one difference between Google and MS so far – Google products seem to be of a surprisingly high quality. And I mean not any particular product, but just an overall impression.

  3. Alexey,

    I wouldn’t say that MS products of a low quality. They aren’t. The difference I think is that now there are more choices out there. If you want to use Google, you do so. If you don’t – you don’t. There are plenty of other search engines, webmail services, and so on, and so forth. But a few years ago, MS was pretty much the only way to go if you needed to interact with the world. Being forced to use MS, or not having other choices, changes the way you see things. ;)

  4. I did not say MS products are of low quality. What I meant to say is that so far whatever google does behaves smart and works well. I just can’t tell same about MS. Of course you can’t compare their product range and base… yet.

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