Memory, memory, memory

One of the greatest things about my new P910i phone is that it supports an additional memory card of up to 1 GByte. My old P800 had a limit of 128 MBytes and that was way too low, considering my podcasting needs.

Today I passed by Computer World shop and bought myself a 1 GByte Memory Stick Pro Duo. They were selling at a reasonable price of 50 CYP.

I’m already downloading podcasts to my phone as I write this…

The P800 is dead. Long live the P910i.

As I mentioned previously, my mobile phone died. It was an excellent device – Sony Ericsson P800. But now it’s gone.

While looking for a phone, I used some old Nokia model. While it was a really ugly device by all measures (not only today’s), it reminded me of one thing that I miss in the mobile phone – battery life. A full charge wasn’t even 20% gone after three days that I used it for. My Sony Ericsson would have died already. I understand the features and power argument, but it still, it would have been nice to charge the device once a week or so.

Anyway, now for the good part. I’ve got myself a new device. Actually, it’s not so new, but it’s new for me. I bought a second hand Sony Ericsson P910i. It is a one over generation model from mine, and it has all the bells and whistles that my model had, plus a few more, with a little less bugs. Or maybe just different ones. Whatever.

Side note: I love blogging. I just mentioned my dead phone in this blog and so many people responded and helped me. One of them was Uncle Vova who told me about the guy who was selling the phone cheap. Thank you all guys.

The device is beautiful. It is the same and different from mine at the same time. It looks better. The speaker phone sound is way better. It can use mp3s as ringtones. It has a full featured QWERTY keyboard. It’s memory can be expanded up to 1 GByte. It has a built-in camcorder. There’s more internal memory. It’s just so much better!

Once again, thanks to everyone who helped along the way. Those were pretty tough three days. No I am back and connected to the world.

Quick side note on Open Source Software

I still care way too much about Open Source Software than I probably should. I thought I was over it and down to an acceptable level. Apparently not. I am still a bigot. I might be an old bigot – it’s more difficult to get me started and you just have to press on the right buttons, which there are too many of – but it is still possible, and can be done in a matter of minutes, in a friendly discussion. I am a bigot.

I’ll be working more on myself. The first step in solving the problem is realizing it.

WordPress is just a blogging system. Or is it?

Blogging Pro has a post with 5 Reasons to Use WordPress as CMS.

If you are an experienced user of WordPress (WP) and want to setup a non-blog website – perhaps a portfolio site, news/magazine site or even an e-commerce site – you might just want to skip the more robust content management systems (CMS) most people tend to suggest, like Drupal and XOOPS, and consider using WordPress for your CMS-oriented task instead.

One of the links that you won’t want to miss is to this post with examples of WordPress being used for a non-blog website.