Returned to Bloglines

With all the love that I have to Google Reader, I have to say that for the time being I am going back to Bloglines. With 200+ feeds, it is absolutely vital for me to see which topics (feed folders) have new items, and how many of those new items feeds have, so that I could prioritize my attention.

I’ve also did a major clean-up of my feeds. I’ve reorganized the folders and removed a whole bunch of the old feeds that either weren’t updated for more than a month or fell out of my interests focus.

I have a dream: one day I’ll go back Google Reader and it will have all the functionality I need. And it will integrate nicely with other Google tools that I use from my account.

4 thoughts on “Returned to Bloglines”

  1. It’s all the matter of taste, cuz honestly, I can’t say that Bloglines is better than GReader or vice versa, there both got some good features, but i still use RSSBandit; don’t know if they have the version for *.nix, but the windows one is quiet good…but mostly it’s also the matter of taste :)

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