The Flickr question

With all Flickr‘s flexibility and easy of use, there’s one thing that really bothers me. In short it can be summed up as “Where are all these people coming from?”. Case in point: this picture of Lev burried in sand on the beach has been viewed (according to Flickr) almost 3500 times, since it was posted on March 16, 2006. To give you an idea, the next most viewed image has been seen less than 800 times. So, there is almost 4 times difference. And what bugs me the most is that I don’t know where are all these people coming from.

Has this image been linked from somewhere? Did someone wrote a post about it in blog or forum? I want to know. I don’t want to have full access to all the logs, but something to give me an idea would have been so much appreciated. Something along the lines of “This picture is mostly visited from forum XYZ, website ABC, and blog KLM”. That would have been enough.

I’ve tried Googling for the link to this image, but because Flickr has a few different URL structures, I didn’t find anything. Maybe you guys can help me out with this.

P.S.: It doesn’t bother me that someone is using this picture, even if they do so for commercial purposes. I’m fine with that. What annoys me is that I know for sure that this picture is used somewhere and I don’t have any freaking idea where.

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