Deja Vu

I’ve mentioned the professional level of Cyprus television in a very recent post, and here I am, got hit with a deja vu. It’s Friday night, and I am at home, after taking a long walk, trying to avoid all pubs and restaurants. Watching Capital channel, which has a 1984 classic – “Starman” with Jeff Bridges.

About 40 minutes into the film, it suddenly restarts. No advertising, no breaking news. Just starts showing from the very beginning all over again. Instant rewind to the opening credits. It’s been going now for at least 15 minutes…

I am not going to watch it once again. Especially when there are no guarantees that they won’t rewind it again a couple of times.

Off to bed.

4 thoughts on “Deja Vu”

  1. Ha!

    Reminds me of when I was watching Capital (or maybe it was New Extra) and they broke to adverts 10 minutes before the end of a film and didn’t bother to show the rest of it.

    Instead they started another one.

  2. Oh, well. They did so. Recently, they’ve changed a bit. Now they interrupt for a 10-minute ad section exactly 1 minute before the end of the film. That irritates the hell out of me. :)

    P.S.: by the way, I tried registering at your blog, but never got the email with the password

    P.P.S.: welcome to the blogosphere ;)

  3. Hi Leonid,

    I’ll look into the e-mail issue this evening when it is a bit cooler. It is one of the things that I wanted your help with via ICQ but I see that you haven’t authorized me yet. My ICQ number is 1628793.

    I currently have sendmail running under SMART_HOST and don’t think that it is at all reliable.

    Catch you later. Starman is a cool movie btw. Recently rewatched the Cocoon duo too.

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