Wish of the day – better Cyprus coverage

I wish that I could use maps from Show me Cyprus in Google Earth and Google Maps. The coverage from Show me Cyprus is a bit less, but the quality of images for covered areas is better than what Google Earth offers.

4 thoughts on “Wish of the day – better Cyprus coverage”

  1. Interesting site you’ve found there Leonid! I’ve compared the content of the two by looking at property that I own near the Paphos castle. I can safely say that the showme-cyprus content is roughly a year newer than Google’s current stuff.

    However, the showme-cyprus content is itself not as up-to-date as what I would like it to be.

    Fingers crossed for better Cyprus coverage.

  2. Hey Leonid, thanks for taking the time to check out our new website, and your kind comments. We are working on expanding the maps and are loading a great deal of content over the next few weeks. As a Cypriot company we want to show Cyprus at its best too! Best, Aki, marketing manager

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