Once again I’m going to link to Scott Adams’ blog. This time though, it’s not about humor. He has this nice entry about television. Here’s the relevant quote:

When people tell me that they enjoy movies, but they don’t watch television, I generally assume one or more of these things to be true:

1. They don’t have a DVR (poor backwards bastards)
2. They haven’t sampled any of the good shows.
3. They are lying.

I am one of those people who claim not to watch television. I guess you can call me a lier. Or maybe not. It’s just that there are different ways to define “watching television”.

When I say, that I don’t watch television, I don’t mean that I never switch on the TV set. I do. But when I do, I do so purposefully. I choose when and what to watch. I don’t just switch on the TV whenever I am in the room, and let it be a background noise.

If I know that a good movie or a BBC documentary will be on, I try to catch it. More so, I don’t limit my television experience to the TV broadcast that we have here in Cyprus. I get my share from the web. For example, I am watching “The Daily Show” fanatically. I only wish I could see full programs on TV.

And here is another point about television. Scott Adams talks about US television. It’s a totally different thing from Cyprus television, which sucks so much that not all grandma’s can stand it. If I had access to American cable, I guess, I’d be glued to the screen half the time. But I don’t. So I can pretty much go around and say that I don’t watch television.

Things might change pretty soon though, with PrimeTel pushing out it’s Triple Play service, which will include a 100+ channels. Most of those will probably suck too, but I know for sure that there are some good ones.

I should have Triple Play installed within the next month, so I’ll let you know how good it is and how my television watching will change.

7 thoughts on “Television”

  1. My group-mate is working as sound-editor in “Capital” channel,from his words i got the idea that the percentage of well qualified workers is terribly small in “Capital”. He said that the same situation is with the other channels, so it will keep on bothering you for quiet some time :)

  2. You sound like being paid by PrimeTel for an advertisement… especially in your last comment.
    Ironically, you are paid by PrimeTel aren’t you? :-)

  3. Yes, I am paid by PrimeTel, but not for the advertisement. This is my personal blog and I write here only what I want to write. If PrimeTel (or anyone else for that matter) will pay me for the advertising on this site, I will mention it very clearly.

    In just to settle the balance of good and evil – PrimeTel’s sales department sucks big time. A lot of my friends, who have been in contact with the sales, are angry and even pissed off. That’s sad, but that’s a fact.

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