I am in the process of getting yellow slips for Olga and Maxim. Yup. No more pink slips. They are now wife and son of a Cypriot/European, which calls for a totally different paperwork.

So most of today’s morning was spent in getting all stamps and signatures. Although I didn’t know from where to start, it all went pretty good. Even with some papers missing (forgot to take marriage certificate with me) I still managed to get everything I needed. Good.

I’ve also booked air tickets for both Olga and Maxim. They are leaving to Moscow on the 9th of June, and we’ll see the rest of dates and destinations from there. One way ticket from Larnaca to Moscow came out much cheaper than I expected – 80 CYP a piece (charter).

Hopefully, their yellow slips will arrive before their departure. If they won’t – it’s not a big deal, as I’ll be able to take them with me, when I’ll go to Russia some time in July. But I’d still prefer to have all paperwork in order by 9th. We’ll see how it goes…

5 thoughts on “Paperwork”

  1. Yellow ‘pink’ slip?..Heh, it’s all about colour, strange government habit to give official document ‘colour’ names ;)

    How is your greek going?

  2. Yeah, well… Cyprus is not an exception here. Even USA have ‘green card’. ;)

    My Greek is going good. I have lessons twice a week. I’ve learned how to read already and being introduced into some grammar. My current vocabulary is approaching 100 words or so. :)

  3. Heh, encouraging!
    Sorry for the off-top: Didn’t i have to get an e-mail that the was a reply on the comment here, or it’s just the consequences of your latest post?

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