Milas Elenika?

I’ve been promising that if I get Cyprus citizenship, I’ll learn Greek. It’s about time I start acting up on that promise…

I will be participating in the Greek course that our company organized for its employees. Starting next Tuesday, I’ll have one and a half hour lectures twice a week. The teacher, I’ve heard, has good reputation and a lot of experience in teaching Greek to foreigners.

I’ll keep you posted on how this will go. Or you’ll notice yourself – Greek alphabet looks very much like Russian cyrillics. And I am not going to post anything in Russian here. So, if you see something you can’t read – it means the courses is doing very good and I learn Greek faster than I can start a new blog (trust me, I’m fast with starting new blogs).

Any pointers to language learning techniques, Greek language textbooks, and other tips, are, as always, very welcome.

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