While I am asking myself a lot of questions

Driving home from work today I somehow opened a stream of questions in my head:

  • Why are there so many people out on the streets at 23:15 today?
  • Where are they all going?
  • Are there so many churches in Limassol?
  • Did I have any interesting religion-related thoughts recently?
  • How many sysadmins does it take to dye an egg?
  • Why couldn’t they have some background music to that boring speech given the pope on the radio?
  • For who are the fireworks if all the people are inside the churches?
  • How does the law stands on noise at the middle of night? Then how about these church bells going off all over the city

These were just a few. I’ll be thinking about the answers, while you celebrate. And for those of you who do – Happy Easter!

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