Feed reading habits update

My feed reading habits seem to be changing once again. I have much less free time now to follow things and that is reflected in my subscription numbers.

I still use two feed readers – Google Reader for news reading, famous bloggers, and Flickr images; and Akregator for feeds of my friends and people I know personally.

The number of feeds that I have in Google Reader went down from almost 400 to 96, and I’m still dropping them at a rate of three per week or something like that. My Akregator feeds increased from about 70 to 102. That’s a result of both me getting to know more people and people using more feed enabled services (Flickr, del.icio.us, Twitter, LiveJournal, WordPress, etc).

Overall, the number of feeds that I am subscribed to has decreased dramatically. And the feeds got more personal too.

Another thing that changed is that I started to use GMail for taking notes and bookmarking things that I think I’ll need later. I’ll tell you more about how I do it later on. I’m still experimenting with these stuff.

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