YouTube – the new addiction

I am writing this post to warn you of a great danger. If you haven’t yet been to, please, don’t you ever go there. Ignore all links that your friends are sending you. And don’t listen to any news mentioning it on TV.

I made the tragic mistake of entering the site. And not only that – I came in exactly when I had five minutes of spare time!

It took me less than 20 seconds to figure the site out. I immediately understood what is what and what is where. And then I made my second tragic mistake. I stayed for a few more moments.

I have to say that 40 second into it, I was addicted. After that I lost the count of time. About 6 hours and 2 GBytes later I stopped. For a few minutes. And then I went back. And since then, I always want to go back.

Please, try your best… If you want to stay insane, if you want to have a life, if you have limited bandwidht – do not, I repeat, DO NOT ever go to

4 thoughts on “YouTube – the new addiction”

  1. Thanks a lot Leonid for such useful info. Who will go to after reading your article. U have saved my time.
    I’ll pay heed to your warning.
    Keep sending this kind of info.
    Very valuable indeed!!!!

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