Watched a very good movie on TV – “Philadelphia“. Tom Hanks (“Forrest Gump“) and Antonio Banderas (“Desperado“) play a gay couple, where Hanks gets infected with AIDS, while being an excellent lawyer in a somewhat concervative but powerful law firm. They eventually find out that he is gay and that he didn’t tell that he has AIDS, so they sabotage and fire him. He is a bit shocked with the situation so he decides to take them to court (“How do you call 10,000 lawyers chained together on the bottom of the sea? A good start”). Most of the people are afraid of AIDS and are not comfortable at all while nearby an infected person, so there is noone to help Tom Hanks. Until, of course, a good man Denzel Washington (“John Q“) decides to step in. Together they proceed in building up a case, kicking everyone’s butt and the court of law and winning 5,000,000 dollars (evil laught.. muahaha)! Tom Hanks quickly dies of AIDS in the end but everyone looks happy with a lot of money and a proven point: don’t f*ck with gay lawyers. Joke. :)

There are some interesting points and good acting the film, so people trying to build there opinion on the subjects of AIDS and gay sex should probably watch it. Lawyers might find it to be a nice comedy however.

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