Down, down, down.

My appologies for yet another downtime (approximately 12 hours).   Things were beyond my control yet again, due to a hardware failure.  I suspect that the 200 GByte hard disk that I’ve purchased recently isn’t doing a very good job.  It does have plenty of space and responds pretty fast, but something triggers server crashes with filesystem inconsistencies, that require full manual file system check.

The bad news though are that I am currently out of budget for hardware.  There is no way that I will go and buy another disk, unless of course, this one will die permanently.  Another alternative, of course, would be to do a one-time charge for all those people who’s sites and files I am hosting.  I don’t think this is a good alternative, so we’ll keep it in the sleeves for now.

Anyway, now everything is up and looks good.  Let me know if you’re missing anything.

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