Parenting coincidence

Just a few hours ago I wrote this entry (in Russian) about Maxim’s first punishment. As bas as it was, I was all in hopes that it will eventually work. But not that I read the same technique used unsuccessfully by The Parent I am starting to have my doubts. Here is the quote from her post to get you started with technique:

Right now the crib also serves as the time-out area for when she behaves badly.

And here are the results of using that technique:

Jon left Leta in her crib for another round of time-out and came back into the living room to walk off some steam. When he told me what had happened I told him not to take it personally because she has done the exact same thing to me. “Leta’s pretty mature for her age,” he said trying to talk through the defeat. “She knows her letters and numbers and all that. I think she could handle it if we added on a few extra minutes to the time-out. Like 45.”

Or in one sentence: it doesn’t work. Now I am wodering if it just didn’t work with Leta, or maybe the complete approach is wrong. Any ideas?

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  1. Well I can’t read Russian so I’ve no idea what your circumstances were… but for what it’s worth, I don’t believe in punishments for children. Discipline, yes. ie clear explanations, some boundaries, and – if necessary – removal of a young child from a danger zone. Having said that I did spank a few times (very few) and we had time-outs in chairs (two minutes at most, always with me) ONLY when the boys were fighting badly – when they were about 3-6. But that’s all. I would never, ever, leave a child in his crib alone as a punishment – I wanted mine to see their beds as relaxing, a place to dream, and to sleep in comfort. Anyway, just my thoughts! Ignore them if not relevant.

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