13 month old

Today is Maxim’s 13th birthday.  He is a teenager now.  Monthly-wise.

I’ve been pretty busy in the last couple of days, and so didn’t manage to buy any special present for Maxim.  But I am not going to leave him without one though.  For his special birthday, he should get a special present.  A cool teenager present…

I’m starting up a separate blog for Maxim – parents.mamchenkov.net (just as it was planned and pre-announced).  From now on, all his newest pictures, stories and achievements will be posted there.  It will all be in Russian, as I still feel way more comfortable expressing myself in it.  Also, Russian is native for the rest of our family, who are the primary audience of all those stories.

I will sometimes do translations and cross-postings in here too, or share my thoughts on parenting.  But it won’t be the primary resource for parenting related issues no more.

Happy 13th month birthday, son!

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