Being a parent is a lot about having moments. Every day. Every hour. There is something that you want to remember for the rest of your life. (That’s impossible, by the way.) There are moments that you wish the whole world shared with you. (That’s impossible too, by the way.) There are moments that you miss and then fill miserable for missing. (That’s possible.)

I was at work today when Olga called in to tell me about two moments that I missed. (She does that pretty often, I have to say.)

First one is the TV episode. She was watching local news on TV. There were two women on the screen – why was giving int he news, and another was gesture-translating those news for deaf people and those lucky bastards who can understand those gestures while watching news in the noisy pubs. Anyway, Maxim was passing by when he noticed the gesture woman. His mother was busy watching TV and he was in the playful mood, so he decided that this woman is playing with him. He started laughing and repeating her moves. He showed her some of his own too. And in generally he seemed to have an excellent time.

The second moment was a feeding episode. Olga was giving Maxim food with his spoon, as usual. But he was either bored or too distracted from eating by other things. So she gave him a spoon to hold too. Maxim immediately put his spoon into his mouth. Apparently, he expected some food to come with it too. Because he made a disturbed face and took the spoon out. He than realized that he had a cracker kind of cookie in his other hand. So he pressed it until it broke into pieces, and started picking up small pieces, placing them into the spoon and attempting to eat them. He didn’t have much success yet, due to the lack of practice, but those are physical skills, which are easy to develop. The brain power is there already.

When I came home, Olga told me of yet another episode which took place after she called me. This one demonstrates the development of the sense of humor. Maxim was holding a something with his teeth. Olga, playingly, took this something with her teeth too and grabbed it from Maxim. He thought this mouth-to-mouth game was hilarious (the boy is growing up, isn’t he?). So he looked around for something else to put into his mouth. He found nothing but a tissue laying nearby. So he put it into his mouth and looked at Olga, waiting. Olga though didn’t react. She was just looking at him. He probably assumed that she wasn’t too bright, or that she just didn’t get the game, so he took the tissue with his hand, put into Olga’s mouth, looked at her, and started laughing as she did it all by herself.

Moments… Every day. Every hour.

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