Lyne Perinciolo Duluc

I’m not a big fan of abstract art, not in painting, not in photography, not in sculpture.  But once in a while something catches my eye and doesn’t let it go.  And that’s exactly what happened in one of the offices I currently work.   There is a bunch of paintings (reproductions?) and photographs on the walls.  Most of them are just fine, but I particularly liked this one.

Of course, it looks way better in real life than on this tiny JPEG.  But technology isn’t all that bad.  In fact, while I was looking at this painting, I was trying to figure out how can I find out the name of the artist and see more of his or her works.  That’s when Google Goggles for Android came to the rescue.  I snapped a quick picture, and a few seconds later my mobile told me that this is a painting by Lyne Perinciolo Duluc.  There is not much in terms of biography of her’s on the web, but there is plenty of her other works.

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