University of Central Lancashire Cyprus, (UCLan Cyprus)

Cyprus Mail reports:

CONSTRUCTION of a modern €53 million campus has begun in Pyla to accommodate the first British university on the island, University of Central Lancashire Cyprus, (UCLan Cyprus).

UCLan Cyprus will open in October this year and students will have the option of studying their programme entirely in Cyprus or transferring for part of their studies to the UK. They expect to have 5,000 students initially. All courses will be taught in English.

These are some interesting news.  Of course, we have quite a few universities here in Cyprus, but most of them, with the exception of maybe University of Cyprus, were speed-track-converted from a bunch of colleges.  It’ll be interesting to see how different a “real” university is going to be, and if it will create any worthy competition to push the educational institutions a bit.  The level of local schools wasn’t all that high back when I was a student, and judging by the younger candidates that I interviewed for jobs in the last few years, the situation isn’t getting any better.  Hopefully, the UCLan Cyprus arrival can change this.

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  1. Judging by the younger candidates that I interviewed for jobs in the last few years, average level of UK and Greek universities wasn’t that high either … but definitely these are good news.

  2. We have more real universities. CUT and the open universities. Also the private ones are trying to increase their level.
    I am curious to see how long will it take to finish such a huge project.

    1. They say that “UCLan Cyprus is now accepting applications for the academic year 2012–2013, which will commence on October 2.”. Their website should go online in the nearest future as well. I’d like to see some photos. :)

  3. What do you mean 2012-2013? That’s in 19 months! They will build a whole uni in 19 months?

    You need more time for the building licenses in Cyprus :)

  4. ok, this is just ridiculous. Unless they will use some temporary place, like Neapolis in Paphos. They just got Theofano (a hotel), changed it a little and added a big sign NEAPOLIS UNIVERSITY.

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