Maxim and the polar bear

Maxim and the polar bear

In the morning, my brother and I went for a perilous journey. We had to drive a really old car (“don’t live the city borders in the piece of machinery” type) in heavy rain and limited visibility conditions to Larnaca airport, where we had to pick up an unknown guy, who we had to bring back to Limassol and make and exchange with. This poor soul was a yachtsmen. He had to get to his team and we were his only hope. Team’s coach had a valuable posession for us. It was a package from my father.

Overcoming obstacles one by one, which were many by the way, we managed to succeed in our quest and get the package. In it, there was plenty of stuff. Most of it was for Maxim – books and a giant polar bear. Soft. And huge. He was exactly the size of Maxim.

Maxim showed a more than average level of excitement. He played with the bear, talked to him, and took him for a walk. He even wrestled him to the ground and than picked up into the air – that was a particularly hard thing to do, which you can witness from the pictures in the album.

Thanks Dad – very much appreciated. And vodka too, by the way.

Album location: /photos/2006/2006-02-08_POTD

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