Weather shakes my mood

During the last few days I was surprised to find out how dependant my mood is on the weather. On sunny days, I am all positive and happy. Even if things don’t come together, I don’t care. I smile and feel good anyway. On sunless days, it’s quite the opposite. Even if everything goes as planned, and there is no reason to worry, I feel worried. And depressed. I’ve heard about these phenomenon before, but I’ve never experienced it myself.

If you are interested in this matter and how it affects people, check the Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and Vitamin D pages over at Wikipedia.

On one hand, I’m not having it to those extremes just yet. On the other – I never paid any attention to weather changes. I must be getting older…

12 thoughts on “Weather shakes my mood”

  1. hey that reminds me of my stay in Seattle which is rumored to have the highest rate of suicide because the whether is perpetually cloudy and drizzling throughout the year. (see article)

    Bangalore is bright and sunny almost throughout the year! But still people always manage to find other reaons to get into bad moods!

    Hmm… maybe these good or bad moods just happen randomly… but we find some logical reasons justify them! :mrgreen:

  2. I like rainy weather. Probably for I am from Moscow. In Cyprus, quite opposite, I can’t stand too much sun. And I feel very comfortable under the rain. Especially if you in a warm house :)

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