Hardware tetris

I try to stay as further away from hardware jobs as I can. But sometimes there is no way around…

I’ve been promising some fixes to Olga for about six month now. No music played in our living room during this time. And Maxim was continiously getting closer to power cables and outlets.

So, today I fixed everything. Appologies for a little downtime, by the way. I had to rearrange my harddisks and move about 80 GBytes of mp3s and oggs. I also had to disconnect power cables in order to properly move all cabling behind the table, so that Maxim won’t reach it. Or at least where he won’t see the cables so often.

Now everything is done and back to normal. I even got a bit of free disk space that I can use to refresh my music collection…

2 thoughts on “Hardware tetris”

  1. I don’t really have to. ;)

    I download full albums and full disographies only. That saves me a lot of time on managing individual songs. I save all music in appropriate directories – by artist, than by year-album. Keeping it all structured like this makes finding things very easy.

    Additionally, I use a modern music player – amaroK. It keeps track of new additions to the music collection, fetches artist information, displays song lyrics and album covers and much more – and it does it all automagically.

    So, as you see, there isn’t much I need to do. :)

    P.S.: I haven’t updated the collection much in the last year or so. But before that, it was growing constantly. ;)

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