Bloglines “Related” Meme

Instructions from this entry in Joe Grossberg‘s blog:

Go to Bloglines. Find your own blog. (If it’s not there you can sign up and add it. If you don’t have a blog this one’s not for you.) Click related feeds. Post the top 5 (or more) on your blog.

For some strange reason, there are two identical feeds for my blog at BlogLines. They are unique except for the ID number. A bug? Anyway, I’ll use the first one that came out.

First few matches are other computer science in general and programming in particular blogs. Some of these are well-known, others are small and personal, like mine. After these technology blogs there were a couple of matches for general blogging (like Boing Boing). After that, a few general blogs in Russian language. And than a mix of developers, Russian, Linux, and blogging blogs.

I guess the “Related” thingy worked, although I didn’t rush into adding any of the matches to my reading list.

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