Time machine itinerary

Keeping a record of exact dates and places you want to be just in case you will ever get access to the Time machine seems like a really smart idea. (I’ve got it from here, by the way). I was stupid enough not to. Jez, I am so stupid! Imagine, if I get this one chance in a lifetime to do something really amazing and… I’ll be staying there unprepared with my eyes going from *blink* *blink* (like kids in the “South Park”) to tears the size of my fist. I will panic and come up with some really random date which will be so idiotic that I will blame myself for the rest of my life for choosing it.

The good thing is that I’ve been blogging daily for some time now and pretty often even before that. I have to go through all the posts now and try to find if any bells will ring. Damn! ;)

Oh, and I can only guess how many other people will be totally unprepared and will screw it up if offered this amazing opportunity…

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