WordPress 1.5.2 vs. WordPress 2.0 – the briefest fight ever.

For some of my recent new projects I have installed WordPress 2.0. I haven’t upgraded any of my WordPress 1.5.2 installations yet, because of all sorts of troubles that I keep hearing about. I am sure that developers are working to fix those, because, frankly speaking, using WordPress 1.5.2 after WordPress 2.0 is pretty close to painful.

And that I find really strange. I was always very happy with WordPress 1.5. It was almost as good as it gets for me. No annoyances, no bugs, clean design and interface. I wasn’t even thinking about anything better. There was no need.

But Admin area of WordPress 2.0 clearly showed me that there were some annoyances in WordPress 1.5. They just were so small that I wasn’t paying any attention to them. (if you are interested, the improvements that I care about are proper post preview, better editor, cleaner overall interface, file uploader and thumbnail builder with common sense this time) Still, it became clear that WordPress 1.5 wasn’t perfect. And who wants to use an imperfect thingy, when there is a perfect one.

I guess I’ll be upgrading this blog to WordPress 2.0 shortly. Very shortly. I just need to find a a goo time spot that would allow to do the update and iron out all incompatibilities and misbehaviours.

P.S.: While writing this entry the word “WordPress” was used 13 times.

2 thoughts on “WordPress 1.5.2 vs. WordPress 2.0 – the briefest fight ever.”

  1. I’ve upgraded to wordpress 2 a while ago, had to disable their “rich text editor” and “automatic closing of XHTML tags” as those 2 features were driving me mad, inserting tags, breaking the layout… otherwise it’s great

  2. Thanks for the feedback.

    I am a bit scared of this upgrade. I have tweaked and patched my WordPress 1.5.2. I’ll have to diff and save the pathes first, then backup, then upgrade, and then I’ll need to see what I have to patch and tweak and what not. Sounds too complicated… :)

    Never-the-less, I’ll have to do it sometime.

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