RSS Calendar

Yet another interesting application of RSS is RSS Calendar. It is a free service (though currently in beta) with which you can create, maintain, and share your own calendar. Events can be categorized, made private or public, allowed to be commented upon, etc. People interested in your calendar can subscribe to the RSS feed for the whole thing or just a part of it. They can even subscribe to a feed of the single event and get immediate updates on it any time you edit it. Invites and subscriptions can be managed as well. Looks and feels pretty neat if you ask me. The only two small complains that I have with this specific implementation is that:

  1. It relies on the JavaScript too much. Although everything works fine with Firefox, there might be a problem with lynx or some other browser.
  2. Event description is a required field, while in the real world it is not. Events titled like “My mother’s birthday” do not need any description.

Other than that everything seems nice, clean, and easy to use. Try it out.

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