News from Fedora front

The preliminary schedule for Fedora Linux Core 4 has been released. In short:

  • test1 is scheduled for February 21
  • test2 is scheduled for March 21
  • test3 is scheduled for April 18
  • final release is scheduled for May 16

In terms of features we can expect GCC 4, Xen integration, more Java, more SELinux, and a bunch of usual updates – KDE 3.4, Gnome 2.10, Xorg 6.8.2, etc. You can read the copy of the mailinglist message from Bill Nottingham for more details.

Also, Fedora Core 2 will most probably be transfered to Fedora Legacy project around the time of test2 release, which is currently scheduled for March 21.
And on the minor notes, Gimp 2.2.2 has been released to Fedora Core 3 updates. Here is an announcement you might want to read. In short: new directory .gimp-2.2 will be created in your home, so you might want to check your preferences, plugins, and other stuff. Also, not all fonts could have been distributed due to the licensing. You can download them by yourself from here. (freefonts) and here (sharefonts).

Plan your upgrades.

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