Fish shop

It turned out that there is an excellent fish shop in the same building with Dr.Simos’ office. I don’t know if this is a coincidence or what. Anyway…

Olga and I went in to check it out. The smell was rather strong – as always, but the shop looked clean and even somewhat decorated with plastic fish in the net on the wall and pictures explaining different types of fish. The fish itself also looked pretty fresh and clean.

We did some finger pointing and got explanations of what was what. We bought some tsipura and parabuli. And I was looking at shrimps too, but we decided to leave them until next time.

Just when we were imagining the horrible pictures of cleaning the fish (the skin thingies and the guts too), we noticed that both shop owners were busy doing something. Jez! We couldn’t believe our eyes. They were actually cleaning the fish for us! They had this giant metal table with water tabs and everything needed and they were cleaning our fish. We fell in love with this shop at that instant.

All we had to do was wait for a couple of minutes and pay the money for the fish only. No labour or water charges. Everything was packed into a plastic bags and we were wished a Happy New Year and a bon appetit or something along those lines.

That was pretty cool, considering the service in so many small shops around. I am sure that if we will ever buy fish again (and we will have to anyway) we will buy it in that shop. Too bad I didn’t catch the name of it though.

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