The Ladies’ Man

Watched the second Jerry Lewis movie “The Ladies’ Man“. It was slightly better than “The Patsy” that I watched earlier, but still way too far from anything close to my favourite movie.

Firstly, IMDB does not provide enough categories for this film. Apart from trying to be a comedy, it is surely a musical and a drama. In fact, somehow I think it is more of a drama than a comedy.

Secondly, this film is still slow, predictable, and boring. It has some interesting production concepts like using several similarly clothed men running around to picture a single confused and paniced individual. The cut of the house and camera movement was interesting too. Acting wise there weren’t anything refreshing. The only scene that I particularly liked was one woman’s rehersal with opening of the door. That was good. And that was funny. Episodes with the “Baby” would have been better if they weren’t that predictable. Other than that I didn’t see anything new or impressive.

4 out of 10.

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