Ghost in the car

I’ve seen a ghost today.

I can’t say that I see ghost that often, but it wasn’t the first time in life that I saw one either. I used to see them more often before, but then I got married and too busy with my day job, so they weren’t paying to much attention to me.

Anyway, I was on my way to work. It was probably about 22:45. Dark outside. Really quiet evening and all. I just passed the roundabout near the old port of Limassol, when I had this strange feeling. It was something in between of cold and panic. You know, when you feel that your hair will move now, but it doesn’t just yet.

It alerted me. I wasn’t scared yet, but I didn’t know what was was happening. And than I saw it with my side sight. It was smoky white. It had a human form. And it was like someone was sitting on my co-driver seat. I turned my head to look closer at it, but it disappeared. In fact, it didn’t disappear. I just couldn’t see it looking straight at it. I turned back to look at the road and again saw it with my side sight, reflected in the passenger window.

I was still driving. I was passing the old church now (which is about 10 seconds away from the old port). The strange feeling that I head increased in its intensity. It was almost like I was freezing and scared to death at the same time. Only that I wasn’t cold at all. And I wasn’t scared.

When I passed the church, the ghost left the car. Probably it needed a lift to somewhere around there, I don’t know. But it’s when it left the car that I got scared and all worried.

Creepy, you know…

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  1. There’s absolutely no way that I am going to church! I don’t have any problem with other people using it for whatever is that they are using it. But I don’t have anything to do with church. Or religion for that matter…

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