I can’t believe my Inbox

Every time the year is coming to an end, I feel this urge to clean things and to throw out tonnes of garbage. I don’t know why that happens. And I don’t know why I can’t resist this feeling.

With this year stepping into the month of December, I got the regular itch. With nothing much to throw out at my hands (most of the stuff is gone since last year), I decided to clean my Inbox (the email one).

I have created an Archive folder in my mailbox, in which I created further subfolders for every year that I had any correspondence for – 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, … I then moved all closed discussions to the folder of approrpiate year. I have deleted all test messages. I have thrown out all system notification messages (cron scheduler, log rotations, spam and virus reports, etc). I went throug the same process a couple of times, tagging more stuff to move every time.

I have finished the clean-up and now I can’t believe my eyes. My Inbox now has only 13 messages! 8 out of these are connected to a discussion that I hope will end before the end of the year. They’ll be moved to archives too. The rest of the messages are those that may result in further discussions or may not. So, I’ll have to keep them in for a while.

But 13 MESSAGES!!! My Inbox hasn’t been so small since the last millenium, when I just signed up for some free webmail account and received 12 spam messages within an hour. I’m really really impressed.

P.S.: I guess I can also use my primary email address from my mobile again, without seeing phone crashes and huge GPRS bills.

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