Unemployment in Cyprus

Cyprus Mail reports that unemployment rates are through the roof and kicking all previous records in the butt.

By the end of November, there were almost 21,000 unemployed people in Cyprus, representing a 73 per cent rise compared to the same month last year.

That’s mostly due to the downfall in construction and tourism industries.   On the other hand, pretty much every company I know is looking for IT people.  Accounting, management, and marketing seem to in demand as well.

4 thoughts on “Unemployment in Cyprus”

  1. Once the number of labour force goes down (or about to go down), the directors start eagerly looking for restructuring the business models, or simply downsize people and take the quality by the least number of people, aka managers, IT’s, accountants, etc (which not always the solution!)
    Did the govn. give the statistics on the amount of foreign unemployed people, or just residents of the island?

  2. Cuz I’ve noticed that Statistics Agency here often sums them up together – thus doesn’t give proper numbers, or on contrast – decreasing the number – trying to stabilize the numbers…

  3. Why the hell they always talking about locals,if foreign students pass out with degree or diploma are they ready to offer chances for them?????

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