Some good kidney news

Woken up by the alarm clock at 7:00am. Off to Nicosia at 08:15am. 9:10am we are in Makarious Hospital…

We found the X-Ray department pretty fast, although noone seems to speak English in that place. No queue what-so-ever. Payed 22 CYP. “Please enter”.

The X-Ray laboratory was warm. Very warm. Maxim was stripped out of his clothes and on to the special table. Both Olga and I received heavy aprons. We were supposed to hold Maxim and doctors tried to minimize our exposure to X-Rays.

Everything sterilized. And some more. Catheter was inserted. Maxim cried for a bit, but calmed down pretty fast. That was surprising considering the procedure. At least from my point of view (about 30cm from the whole thing).

Some lequid was uploaded (can I say that?) into Maxim’s bladder. The X-Ray machine switched on. Perfect black-and-white images on the monitor. I am probably the last person to judge the anatomy as seen on the X-Ray machine monitor, but to me everything looked OK.

About 5 minutes later we are done. When we finished clothing Maxim, doctor said that our report is ready. He passed me a really huge brown-yellow envelope with the images inside. He also confirmed that everything is OK with Maxim. Maybe I am not the last person to judge those images afterall.

I called Dr.Simos and informed him that we have the results. He said that I can pass by his office today. I promised to do so.

10:00am we are on the way back to Limassol. 11:00am I am in Dr.Simos’ office. Long queue ahead of me. Luckily, I received my large memory card yesterday and uploaded a few ebooks to my phone. Read through half of “Art of War” before it was my turn.

Dr.Simos carefully examined the images and read the attached report. He said that everything is indeed OK and that we shouldn’t worry too much about Maxim’s kidneys for some time now. Somewhere close to 2 years of his age we should repeat some of the tests to make sure that everything progresses fine.

01:00pm – enormously huge piece of rock fell off my back…

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