I am just fascinating over this wall here

Maxim is so mobile these days that he already has a few places he is not allowed to go to. Two of the most common ones are the DVD player and the trash bin. The DVD player is a fragile piece of equipment with lots of wires, which unfortunately there is no way to hide. And trash bin is one of those dirty places that noone should touch much, including the small babies.

But it’s a widely known fact that the forbidden stuff is the one we desire the most. Maxim uses every opportunity to get to both DVD player and the trash bin. With the DVD player he was more successful and now he starts to lose interest in it. A bunch of wires is all there is to it.

But the trash bin is the ultimate goal. It is in the kitchen, which he rarely visits anyway. And both Olga and I try our best to really minimize the time he spends with that unsanitary object.

In all of this, my favourite part is Maxim’s reaction to being caught. He knows that he is not allowed to there. And he knows it well. How does he react when he is caught? Well, he has two defences. One of them is to look scared, like he just saw a ghost or a monster. Just for a second you know. Because when he is scared neither Olga, nor I can punish him in any way. He looks too vunerable.

The other defense tactique is to pretend that he is there not for the forbidden stuff. When I catch him near the trash bin he quickly moves away to the side – either to the cooker or the wall. And he pretends to be fascinated by either one of them. This is really hilarious. He is like: “This wall here is so cool! How do they make them like this? I want one in my bedroom… Dad, come, check it out. You won’t believe your eyes…”

He’s so cute when he does it that I almost believe him.

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