The babysitter

For the last three month Olga and I were discussing how wonderful it would be to get a babysitter for Maxim. Not on a full day, but for a couple of hours a week or so. While both of us were cheered by the idea, none of us did anything to actually find one.

Until one day this old lady basically jumped into it. She was recommended and looked good too. We were going to call her right away. For three weeks or so.

Somehow, every time I thought of leaving Maxim alone with the babysitter I started worring a lot. My eyes were jumping from left to right, my hands went shaky, and I was talking funny too.

Anyway, this week we decided to try her out, since “Doom” movie is in the cinema and both of us want to go and watch it. We called the woman to come one day just to see how Maxim would react and discuss the money issue.

She couldn’t make it.

So we called her in a day or so again. Arranged for a meeting. But she couldn’t do it again. Is she scared or something? Maybe punctuality is not her strong side? Or maybe there is something else…

I guess we’d better start looking for a new babysitter now. Before we even had a chance to try the first one. Somehow I think we are in a long search. Those signs aren’t good. Aren’t good…

4 thoughts on “The babysitter”

  1. I am sad that I cannot help you with Maxim.And I understand why you are so worried about a stranger in your home with your child. Perhaps you need to hide a vidio camera in your appartment to be sure everything is OK. In Russia some people do that. Unfortunatly we had a bad experience with your babysitter and we were lucky that Olga Kuzminichna and your grandparents helped us.:-(

  2. Well, the video camera is not helpful. If babysitter does something wrong, the camera by itself won’t stop him/her. It will just provide for an evidence. I’d rather not have anything happen at all.

  3. It breaks my heart. I would like to be with you in Cyprus and to help with Maxim. But I think it is not good to live together. If I only had a chance to find a job in Limassol to live on my own in a renting appartment. I could help you in the evenings and at weekends. I know you want me to be happy and you think Limassol is too small for me. I live in Moscow but my heart is with my family and I miss all of you a lot. Do not be afraid to spoil my life and try to help me to realise that.

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