Mobloging photography with Flickr

I have decided to use Flickr for yet another purpose of mine – mobloging photography. Basically, I have configured my Flickr account to work with email. From now, whenever I don’t have my camera with me, I’ll use my phone to make a picture and will immediately send it to Flickr. It will automatically tag all such pictures with ‘cameraphone’ (also ‘mobile’, ‘moblog’, and ‘p800’ but that can change).

If you have the mobile phone with camera and email, you can do the same. Login to Flickr and configure upload by email. And than you can tag you pictures with ‘cameraphone’ too. Automatically. And than we can all be a part of one huge international group that tags their pictures with ‘cameraphone’.

That’s fun. Here are my pictures so far (I’ve uploaded some old ones that were in the phone) :

And here are the global pictures of all Flickr users that used ‘cameraphone’ as a tag :

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