Maxim and the shoe

Maxim and the shoe

Sometimes, when I think that Maxim has grown big and developed adult, it’s good to have a reference on how small and childish he really is. I guess this picture provides such a references. Him and my shoe of size 45, which is about as big as he is.

Album location: /photos/2005/2005-10-24_POTD

5 thoughts on “Maxim and the shoe”

  1. Maxim’s still brightening my desktop and today my aunt came in and saw his picture and gasped in delight and exclaimed “WOW Who is that??” – and I had to show her this blog entry to explain :-D

    Too bad about his recent minor injuries – though it looks like that’s history and he’s back on track now! ;-)

    With best wishes,

  2. Yeah, he’s back on track. And he starts to communicate with plenty of other kids. I made a whole bunch of pictures today and will post them a bit later. It’ll take me an hour or two to postprocess them. :)

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