Not his day

Today was probably Maxim’s worst day so far. He attempted and received a number of injuries that would have normally be more than enough for a whole week.

He started the morning by finding a very dangerous fin of a dried fish that I misplaced yesterday. He put it in his mouth and kept it unnoticed until he started choking on it. I was on my way to work already, but luckily Olga was close enough to notice and fast enough to act upon it. The fin was safely removed from Maxim’s mouth.

Closer to the lunch time, Maxim crashed his face into a remote control. It was not particularly bad judging from his behaviour. He didn’t cry or complain too much. But there were a few drops of blood noticed by Olga. Apparently, he injured his mouth. Nothing serious though.

Later, he did his Grand Injury. He fell and hit the wooden chair with his right eye. That was something! Both him and Olga were crying for unknown period of time ( I was still at work). Maxim’s eye was so hurt that it closed and wasn’t opening any more. It hurted so much that he was even holding cold tooth ring himself. Usually he just throws them away. When I came home in the evening, his eye looked OK, except that it was surrounded by a blue and red scratchy kind of bruise.

Now, he is safely sleeping in his bad, so I guess, we can close this day in his calendar. Not a good day. Hopefully, though, he learned a lesson or two…

9 thoughts on “Not his day”

  1. – :( I think it’s most difficult time for parents. Kid start to explore environment actively but don’t realize the dangerous stuff and cannot be stop by words.

    Check your apartment and box/lock what Maxim can possibly pull/fall down.

    That age of my son impresses in my memory. I’m still nervous, when I see an iron on an ironing-board and I’m hardly restrain myself to check its temperature, and if it’s cold lower to the floor. :)

  2. The absolute is inaccessible but you can to minimize the risks, I believe.

    Even looks harmless stuff like a piece of cloth with something (book, cup, anything) on it, could seriously hurts him if he just slightly pull it down. :(

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